Mikloweit | Tapan

Size: Dynamic

Material: City of Istanbul, Bosphorus ferries,
Street musicians

Reality Is a Disappointment consists of 
situations in public space orchestrated by
Sascha Mikloweit and Ali Emir Tapan.

The piece is performed by street musicians
dispersed around downtown Istanbul
(and on ferries crossing the Bosphorus).
Everyday at different given times the
musicians tune their instruments for the
length of 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

The musicians’ position, choice of music
played before/after and the manner of tuning
are not defined or limited by the artists.The
piece itself is an intervention on the musicians
schedules as well as the fluency of their
existence within the flow of public life around
them. The tuning becomes an isolated act,
detached from its essential nature of being
a precursor to the music performed following
the act itself. As an isolated act, tuning gains
multi-directional allegorical value, proposing an
open question on the disposition of personal
self within the social body. 

R.I.A.D. appears as moments of the
everyday – fades into life up to the point of
non recognition. it becomes the search of a
singular entity for a structure within a
superstructure in order to find a place that is
suitable for both and at the same time it is
non of it all. R.I.A.D. is a situation one might encounter.

R.I.A.D. as been unfolding alongside the
14th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey.
04 September 2015 - 04 October 2015.