//17 December 2008 10:42


Site-specific installation
Size: 2500x3500x5460mm
Book: 305x428x79mm
Ultra-chrome print on bible paper: 594×841mm

Material: Xeroxed e-mail traffic,bible paper, book, gold, office furniture, sign, latex free gloves, public.

There are two possible ways to enter the room. Right of the left entrance a 594×841mm sized print on bible paper is fixed. It carries the visual equivalent to an e-mail. It says;

I`m sending this for no other reason than to say ‘hello’.

It is dated to the 17 December 2008 10:42. A book titled TRACES OF LOVE 02092008 – 27022009 is on his office desk. The book contains 724 pages of printed and xeroxed e-mail conversations. It is the document of those circumstances which are leading to the event of 2/13. The earliest conversation is dated to the 2 September 2008, the latest to the 27 February 2009. All personal information referring to their identities are edited out. Within the visible text a relationship finds its representation in written language.

His chair is positioned in front of his office desk. Individuals from the public may take place. If s/he decides so the book is free to access. There is no time limit. Latex free gloves are on the table. A sign is demanding to make use of them. They are for protection.

How deep does a stranger engage with this intimacy? Is there discomfort? If so, where does it start and when is it recognized? What are the nuances of privacy. Is there a necessity of recognizing them within public?