the vanguard of change


Magazine contribution Schizm #4
Size: 210x297mm

Unannounced performance at
Schizm issue #4 launch
Duration: 3h30min

Material: G4S staff, Schizm #4 / montage, visitors, surveillance camera, G4S guarding agreement number 13044

Upon invitation by Schizm Magazine to contribute to their 4th issue under the proposed topic of NOW: Obsolescence, Regeneration & Criticality, this work departed from a closer look into the recent developments of the privatisation of the UK policing system. Even though a European tender had been published online in March 2011 [1] seeking contractors for the Lincolnshire Police Authority, only marginal press coverage on this issue had made it into UK mainstream media. An increase of coverage did not occur until February 2012 – by which time, all contracts had been signed with security contractor G4S. The question as to the potential implications in a democratic system, particularly in the long run, appear to remain unaddressed. While the necessity for privatisation is mainly argued for in economical terminology Lincolnshire Police Authority Chairman Barry Young and Chief Constable Richard Crompton believe that the partnership with G4S will put them 'firmly in the vanguard of change in the way policing is delivered' [2]. Directing a little attention to the contracts' bandwidth of possibly outsourced functions and the opaque use of terms such as 'frontline policing' and 'back office functions' and how these are employed in public communications sheds light on how the understanding of democracy and the distribution of the executive power of the state might develop through such contemporary decisions. The legislative grounds for these can be traced back to the early 2000s.

In correspondence to my contribution to Schizm's #4, G4S was contracted by me to provide security for the intimate setting of the magazine's launch event in April 2012. No specific announcement had been made to neither G4S nor the visiting public. The entire 3.5 hours of the event were recorded via surveillance camera.

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Acknoledgements: Emma at SCHIZM MAGAZINE & Eleanor at X marks the Bökship
schizm #4, pp.68-69. [1][3][4][5]